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Uff, Uff, Phewt

This is DonnaDiner writing again. It is really dusty at the Hotel and I decided I have to clean it up.

I just can´t stay away from Habbo Sweden so I decided to clean it up a little bit. I noticed that some things work a little slow, like the camera, its been really difficult to take pictures, and I have to have pictures so I can show everybody back home in the USA. So now I am cleaning up a little bit, Duzz works alot so she gave me the permission to do it.

Soon the Hotel is going to be all shiny and clean again and then everything will work just as it is suppose to, the cameras included.

Don´t forget to visit my Diner and you can write the names of your Diners in my guestbook so I can stop by and have a look at them.

Have a nice day Habbo Sweden